Fungal infections on toenails is an unsightly and persistent problem. If it is allowed to get worse, it can even become painful. It happens when fungi known as dermatophytes get under the nails and make them turn yellow or split, crust up or become misshapen.

Choosing a supplement to combat this problem is a great option. It works from the inside out to stop the infection and fight off the fungi. There are medications that you can get to fight off these infections but they contain chemicals and must be applied constantly before results are seen. Sometimes they take up to 12 weeks to work.

A better option is to take care to dry your feet thoroughly after every bath or shower. Use care when walking in public pool areas and take a good toenail fungus supplement.

A good supplement includes probiotics which work from the inside out to fight off the fungi infection. They also include ingredients like oregano oil which naturally help heal the toenails and restore them to their normal appearance.

Do not let a toenail fungus hurt your self-esteem. Take care of your feet and make sure to keep them dry. Take a good supplement and the problem will clear up.

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